Moses Sumney perfroming “Dwell In The Dark” in the streets. He killed it last night during Karen O’s performance. 

Kan Waken - “Forever Found” (Live)

Her voice is incredible + the arrangement of this track is near flawless. 

It’s an unspoken rule in the music business that pretty much after Thanksgiving, it’s a wrap. But for Puff, that’s the time when you need to be setting up a rap record, because everyone’s home from college, people are out partying. So he’s like, “I don’t give a fuck what’s happening in the larger music business; we’re gonna be working!” People were livid. Then he doesn’t give out bonus checks. Two days before Christmas, he makes us come into the office to get them. At 10 A.M. he’s calling everybody to see who’s not at their desk. Literally calling each person. By noon he calls a meeting in the lobby. We’re all sitting there, waiting for him. The tension in the room, you could cut it with a knife.
He steps off the elevator with his bodyguards. He’s got on a mink coat, dripping jewels, sunglasses. Looks at everybody. Goes to his office. Gets something to drink. I don’t know, some juice. He’s an apple-juice fiend. Keeps us waiting another five minutes, comes back, sits down, and looks at the room and says, “Y’all are mad as fuck, ain’t you?” We know he’s got bonus checks, so nobody’s saying shit. And reading the room, he’s like, “You see me sitting here with my fur and all of that and you like, ‘Fuck Puff.’ But you know what? I dare one of y’all to come get it. I dare one of you to work harder than me. To come get what I got.”
He launches into this Gordon Gekko-like sermon, like, “I come in here and work harder than you in the day, then go to the club and work. You think I’m in the club getting drunk? I’m looking at who’s dancing to what, figuring out which song is working in what way, which DJ is making it hot. Tell me who’s doing that more than me?”
I was just sitting there like, Holy shit. Who he is hit me. He sleeps no more than four hours a night. And every waking hour, he’s figuring out how to make more money.
I’ve always said he’s the greediest and most driven person I’ve ever met—like, his greed is disgusting. Too much is never enough. But he’s got a motivation and a drive that can match that greed. And when those two meet, it’s magic. Biggie happens. Ma$e happens. He happens.

Jayson Jackson (marketing executive, Bad Boy Records)